My name is Morgan. I’m a leisure model. A versatile socialite for hire. I believe that amusement and indulgence are essential to well-being, so I’m dedicating my moonlighting modeling career to that cause…

About Me

I’m a brand new Las Vegas resident! After graduating this year from a university in California (which shall not be named here), I moved to Vegas to work for a luxury lifestyle firm (which shall also not be named)! Starting my career virtually wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but I’m making the most of it. Working from home does leave me with the flexibility to enrich my life in other ways, so I think it will be a positive thing ultimately.

I want this new phase of my life to be imbued with stimulating interactions with cultivated people…people who have something to share, and are receptive to what I have to share. That’s what inspired me to pursue this pastime. Make some time to celebrate it with me

How I look

In a word: divine! I’m an All-American Hispanic girl (South American ethnicity). I have beautiful hazel eyes, full lips, and a dazzling smile that earns me a lot of compliments! I regret that I can’t show you my beautiful face, but make note of my gentle athletic build and find inspiration to get a look at all of me in person!


I’m still figuring this modeling thing out as I go, so no need to be too formal when reaching me. A simple introduction and the dates you had in mind for our project will do. You can use the contact form or send an email.

$600 hourly
$3,200 by the day (or night)

Los Angeles CA
San Francisco CA
Salt Lake City UT
Phoenix AZ